ProteinID Finder is designed to simplify the database extraction and protein analyzation, so scientists can extract and analyze the data themselves. This will encourage the spontaneous and/or curious scientist to try out new ideas easy and fast without having to go through a third party.

Proteome Solutions have upgraded ProteinID Finder's graphical interface, making it easier to use and more intuitive. Two powerful tools have been added to allow users to make, find and share queries and views with the world. The download and analyzation engine has been optimized to support up to 10,000 proteins with unprecedented speed.


Add your mass spectrometer analyzed protein lists into experiments.
Create and organize your proteomics experiments into workspaces. Share workspaces with your collaborators so everyone is working on the same data.
Add user notes to each protein in your experiments, useful if you have unique information about a protein of interest. E.g. Specific results from the mass spectrometer analyzation.
Compare multiple experiments and identify trends or similarities between experiments. A powerful tool to identify potential biomarkers.
Save Reports
Export the analyzed data into a tab delimited format for use in your favorite spreadsheet application.
Web Integration
To minimize switching between applications, ProteinID Finder has an integrated web browser that allows you to browse through Uniprot's database quickly. To speed up analyzation, each protein you explore in the spreadsheet will automatically open in the web browser tab.
Hardware Platform
The software is easy to install and works on your personal PC or MAC. Expensive and hard to maintain servers are not needed to run this program.
True Cross Platform
Files created on a Mac can be opened and used by a PC or vice-versa. This is also true for older Mac's equipped with PowerPC processors.
Downloaded locally
All the data used by ProteinID Finder is stored locally on your computer, making it possible to analyze data without an Internet connection.
New! Automatic release control
ProteinID Finder keeps your workspaces, queries and views automatically up-to-date with Uniprot's latest database release. Eliminating problems with old or outdated information.
New! Support Latest Windows and Mac operating systems
ProteinID Finder now runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Lepoard.
New! Feedback system
ProteinID Finder now has integrated feedback system, where you can submit bug reports or request new features. When entering feedback, you can optionally add your email address for tracking the progress of the request/report.
New! Query Designer
A new tool that will make it possible to extract the information you want from Uniprot's database. It is an easy to use drag and drop interface to create, save and edit custom queries.
New! View Builder
Build custom output reports of multiple queries that represent the information you need for your research.
New! Helper Window
The Helper Window provides information related to what you clicked on in the Query Designer and View Builder. It will help you in designing queries and creating your own views.
New! Display Options
Customize the symbols used to display the analyzed experiments.
New! Share Queries and View
Share queries and views with other users and collaborators; making it very easy for them to reproduce the data and collaborate on the same data set.

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