Proteome Solutions Announces ProteinID Finder version 1.7.0

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (October 21, 2009) - Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder and a leader in proteome database extraction and analyzation, today announced the availability of ProteinID Finder version 1.7.0 (v1.7.0). The release of v1.7.0 adds new features and enhancements to Proteome Solutions ProteinID Finder.

New and improved features in v1.7.0:
- Workspaces, queries and views are automatically kept current with Uniprot's latest database release.
- Integrated feedback system, where you can submit bug reports or request new features.
- Extract user specific information from Uniprot's database with the new Query Designer tool.
- Build custom output reports of multiple queries with the new View Builder tool.
- Share queries and views with other users and collaborators.
- Analyzation engine has been optimized to support up to 10,000 proteins with unprecedented speed.
- ProteinID Finder runs on Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS X Snow Lepoard.


About Proteome Solutions

Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder, provides software solutions capable of extracting information from online protein databases and performing comprehensive data set analysis. Proteome Solutions is dedicated to deliver cross-platform software solutions for Windows and MAC..

Proteome Solutions is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and on the web at