Proteome Solutions Announces ProteinID Finder version 1.8.0

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (Januar 8, 2010) - Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder and a leader in proteome database extraction and analyzation, today announced the availability of ProteinID Finder version 1.8.0 (v1.8.0). The release of v1.8.0 adds new powerful graphing capabilities to Proteome Solutions ProteinID Finder.

The new graphing capabilities provide scientists better insight of their analyzed data, allowing a quick and easy way to view their proteomics data. Differences between the protein lists found in experiments can now easily be identified by using bar charts and/or venn diagrams.

New features in v1.8.0:
- Proteins identified in experiments are displayed as bar or pie charts.
- Comparison of experiments is displayed as bar charts and tables.
- Identify relationships between experiments based on patterns and similarities using area proportional venn diagrams.
- Export bar charts, pie charts and venn diagrams as images.


About Proteome Solutions

Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder, provides software solutions capable of extracting information from online protein databases and performing comprehensive data set analysis. Proteome Solutions is dedicated to deliver cross-platform software solutions for Windows and MAC..

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