Proteome Solutions Announces ProteinID Finder version 1.8.2

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (March 7, 2010) - Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder and a leader in proteome database extraction and analyzation software, today announced the availability of ProteinID Finder version 1.8.2 (v1.8.2). The release of v1.8.2 improves the built in spreadsheet and adds a new powerful graphing capability to Proteome Solutions ProteinID Finder.

The Improved spreadsheet makes it easy to sort and display all the proteins in a table format. Protein accession name columns can now be frozen while scrolling through all the queries. The spreadsheet also supports zooming and column size adjustments.

A new heat map graph has been added, displaying relationships between experiments and biological information. The heat map is useful when comparing more than 3 experiments and can be thought of as a Venn diagram with up to six circles. The heat map is interactive and displays the number and type of proteins present where you point the mouse.

ProteinID Finder now supports trial licenses, allowing new users to try out all the features before purchasing the program.

New features in v1.8.2:
- Improved Spreadsheet with zoom, frozen columns and scroll function
- Heat map capable of displaying up to 6 variables
- Possibility of trial licenses

New and current users can now enjoy 12 months of free software updates and support from the date of purchase.

About Proteome Solutions

Proteome Solutions, creator of ProteinID Finder, provides software solutions capable of extracting information from online protein databases and performing comprehensive data set analysis. Proteome Solutions is dedicated to deliver cross-platform software solutions for Windows and MAC..

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